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What is your opinion?

Here are some of the glowing reviews we have received from parents, teachers and educational journals. Please feel free to send us your own feedback. We'd love to hear from you.

"I am very pleased with Sara Jordan Educational Audio material that includes songs, lyrics, and resource books for teaching English as a second language in two elementary schools in north Peru. Material is a rich resource for children and students. Indeed, children learn English while singing and they have fun doing it."

Ana M. Razuri-Calua
Elementary School Teacher
Huascar & San Pedro de Lloc
Trujillo, Peru
May 2008

"Your desk is the ideal place for these two resources…guaranteed that you will use them every month of the school year."

Pour parler profession
[translated from French]
Review of:
French Lessons and Activities for Beginning Classes, vol. 1 & 2
June 2007

"To test this resource with real students in Kindergarten to Grade 2, I enlisted teachers who shared my belief in the
importance of phonics and my aversion to making it drudgery for teachers or students. The results were exciting.
Kids were focused, motivated, entertained and ultimately reading the songs."

Professionally Speaking
Magazine of Ontario College of Teachers
Review of:
Funky Phonics:
Learn to Read
June 2006

"I am always looking for educational material to help my two year old son ... I think these are excellent programs ... I wish you great success."

Maria Elena Torrez
Cochabemba, Bolivia
July 2005

"I make photocopies of the resource pages and lyrics for the songs for each student. This allows the students to follow along and learn to read ... I feel that this literacy program is the best I have used."

Pamela Spear-Wilson
St. Catharines, Ontario
April 2005

"We have recently purchased several
of the Sara Jordan products and find them to be of exceptional value."

Dr. Betsy Butler
Titusville, Florida
December 2004

"Another high-quality resource from Sara Jordan ... melodies are fast-paced and cheerful, the lyrics clear as a bell."

Professionally Speaking
Magazine of Ontario College of Teachers
Review of:
Bilingual Songs
September 2004

"Suitable for home and school use, these CDs are recommended for parents or teachers who want their children to begin to learn a second language".

Críticas Magazine
May/June 2004

"The children remember everything that is taught to them by means of your songs."

Hollie Linville
other, Teacher, PA

"... covers a huge amount ... in a very comprehensive and cerebral way ... would be extremely useful for the serious student ..."

Professionally Speaking
Magazine of Ontario College of Teachers

"Sara Jordan's Audio Learning programs have helped so many of our students and their families ..."
"... when used with mixed-level groups, everyone learns something regardless of proficency... The pronounciation is superb ... Our beginning learners, pre-schoolers and grandparents have jumped two or three language levels with Sara's systems."

Mary Campbell
Spanish Literacy Teacher and ESL
LaGrange, IL

"I have purchased many multiplication resources and my students like Multiplication Unplugged the best."

J. Mundwiller
Hermann, MO

"My daughter, entering fourth grade, learned more multiplication facts in a week using this CD than she did in six months of flash cards!"

Shrewsbury, MA

"It follows right along with the method that Saxon uses. I am going to recommend it to all my friends. It's great!"

G. Darrah
Portland, Oregon

"After listening in the car all summer, I know a 5 year old who knows all her times tables by heart!"

Where Toronto Magazine

"In my 20 years of teaching this was the most exciting and well-liked muscial I have ever directed."

Karen Wyler
Fairburn, GA

"... your products are phenomenal! ... I would recommend them to all Spanish teachers."

Ken Dunn

"The parents as well as the children are delighted with the themes and melodies. My teachers have found some of the topics very useful."

Victoria Palacio
Progressive Language Institute
Teaneck, NJ

Your opinion is important to us. Please e-mail: SongsThatTeach.


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